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Researchers say that the average person is subjected to more than 1,500 advertising messages every day. In the midst of all that clutter, it’s very difficult to get a media message across to most people.

If getting the word out is important to your media project, there are two ways you can accomplish that. The first is to spend huge amounts of money, like General Motors or Proctor & Gamble do—but that’s not feasible for most individuals.

But the second way is feasible and affordable—and Five Star Press can help! It involves mounting an effective public relations campaign, which has been proven, again and again, to be just as effective as paid advertising. Beginning with a well-written press release, made available to the proper media outlets, a strong public relations campaign can make your business, product, service, creative work, or talent stand out from the crowd—at a fraction of the cost of standard advertising.

Five Star Press can offer you a full range of public relations help, such as:

  • Self-Publishing Assistance
  • Business Promotion and Public Relations
  • Marketing Yourself and Your Work
  • Aspects of Publishing

No matter what your public relations needs may be, whether it’s simply posting a press release to our vast media network or working side-by-side with you to put together a full-fledged promotion and marketing campaign, Five Star Press can make sure your message is heard—loud and clear—by the largest audience possible.

Five Star Press offers:

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Representation of Authors, Experts, and Speakers

Click on the "Our Services" link now to learn how a partnership with Five Star Press can lift your media project above of the crowd and into the foreground.

Self-Publishing Assistance
Business Promotion and Public Relations
Marketing Yourself and Your Work
Aspects of Publishing

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